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Baseball batting averages for all time is between .260 and .275.  So for every 100 at bats, the average major league hits the ball between 26 and 27.5 times.  It does not seem so tough to hit a ball, but when you figure that only a few players actually make the major leagues, the odd are really against you. Baseball Swing Instruction! Click Here!

The best batting average by anyone in the majors was Ty Cobb, batting .366 over his career. As pitchers have becomes better and stronger, the batting averages have gone down since the early 1900’s.  The means that hitters have to work even harder to perfect their skill just to have a chance.  Hit better! Click Here!

Hit Dr training tools.  Become a better hitter today!

It is to your advantage to use every tool out there to increase your hitting potential.  Some programs may work better than others but exposure to different methods will help you to piece together what works for you.  It can be a small tweak that takes your swing to the next level.  The Hit Dr provides links to proven hitting systems.  Hit with More Power today! Click Here!

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